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Joe Stortini has had and continues to have a simply wonderful life, filled with tremendous memories and
accomplishments. From his early teens, Joe was an accompished baseball and football player, earning him
a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound. He recalls playing catch with his dad as early as 4 years of
age and he attributes those countless hours to his success on the field. His loving parents continued to
support him in all of his endeavors.

As an adult, Joe began coaching and teaching, a natural career choice. His teaching jobs included two years
at McCarver Elementary and Junior High schools, eight years at Wilson High School, Ten years at Mt. Tahoma
High and two more years at the University of Puget Sound. Students taught or coached by Joe number in the
thousands, including sports celebrity Ahmad Rashad, "Thanks for helping me in the game of life," Rashad wrote.
After 25 years of teaching and coaching, Joe began his second career as a Pierce County Executive.
Taking root in 1968 in one of his Mt. Tahoma High School's American Government classes, Joe
assigned research projects to his class concerning local politics. By the time the research was
concluded, his classconvinced him to run for the 27th District state Senate position. With the effort
of his hard working class, Joe won that election and several others after that concluding a 24-year
political career in the early 1990's.

Joe is continually supported by his loving wife Carol and his wonderful
family. Together, they ventured into Joe's third and current career
a restaurant owner. In 1993, Joe along with his family and partners,
opened Mama Stortini's, an Italian restaurant in the heart of University
Place. After five years as owner of Mama Stortini's, Joe sold the
restaurant and worked there simply as an employee. The ownership
bug bit him again and he then decided to create a new Italian restaurant
experience. With the hard work and determination from countless
individuals, Joeseppi's was born!
"The restaurant business has been fun and rewarding for my family,
and for me in particular, the past few years," Joe proclaims. "It has
afforded us the opportunity to make community service a way of life.
Stortini spaghetti dinners have fueled fund raisers for schools,
churches, senior centers, athletic teams, service organizations and
many other community groups. This will continue at Joeseppi's."